Rizwan Makes the World Record in Seven Months

Today is the eighth month of the year - August. That means seven months have passed this year, there are five more months left. In the meantime, Pakistan's wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan set a world record for the highest run in a year.

Rizwan of Pakistan has been in the T20 format since December last year. He has maintained that form this year as well. Rizwan, 29, has scored 752 runs in 14 innings this year. Which is the world record for the highest run in a year in the International Twenty20.

This year, in 2021, Rizwan's 14 innings 104 *, 51, 42, 64 *, 0, 63 *, 0, 72 *, 13, 91 * 63, 36, 7 * and 48 respectively; 652 runs in total. He also returned with zero runs twice in these 14 innings. But in the remaining 12 innings, he has scored fifty-seven times and has scored a century once.

As well as being unbeaten in six innings, the run average is also incredible, 94.00. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The wicketkeeper-batsman is running at a 140+ strike rate this year. Which brought him the honor of world record.

In 2019, Paul Sterling of Ireland scored 746 runs in 20 innings. Next to his name were 6 Fifty. However, the average was 41.55. Rizwan set a Sterling record in just 14 innings with 47 against the West Indies on Saturday night.

In all, Rizwan has scored 1075 runs in 32 innings, 6 fifties, and 1 century in his T20 career. His highest collection is unbeaten 104, average 48.40, and career strike-rate 129.09. This means that he has completely changed himself this year.

Apart from Rizwan-Sterling, two more batsmen have scored more than 700 runs a year in the International Twenty20. They are Kevin O'Brien of Ireland and Max O'Daud of the Netherlands. Both have played more matches than Rizwan.

In addition to the T20 World Cup next October, Pakistan has another 20 overs match. In other words, Rizwan will be able to play at least 8 to 10 more matches. This means he has the opportunity to score more than a thousand T20 runs a year as the first batsman in the world.

Highest run in a year in International Twenty20

1 / Mohammad Rizwan (Pakistan) - 652 runs in 14 innings (2021)

2 / Paul Sterling (Ireland) - 646 runs in 20 innings (2019)

3 / Kevin O'Brien (Ireland) - 629 runs in 23 innings (2019)

4 / Max O'Daud (Netherlands) - 602 runs in 24 innings (2019)

5 / Shikhar Dhawan (India) - 69 runs in 16 innings (2016)

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